Barncancerfonden Blog Battle

About This Project


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation are the main funder of childhood cancer research in Sweden and solely depend on the donations given by individuals and companies. Their vision and ultimate goal is a world without childhood cancer.

Our mission was to boost sales of the their fundraising Silverheart bracelet online.

Personal recommendations are the key when it comes to online purchases, that’s why we decided to engage bloggers. They reach people on a personal level, and we wanted to see if we could take advantage of their already existing competitive instincts.

We created The Blog Battle where six of Sweden’s top bloggers fought to prove that they had the most caring followers. A competition driven only by the reward of doing good and making a difference.
Each blog installed a mini web shop where they sold the Silverheart and were given total freedom on how to engage their fans. A live leader board showed the followers how their purchase affected the battle.

+229% sales increase above campaign goal.
+272% more posts from our bloggers than contracted.
+2300% sales increase from a regular 3-week period.
+1500% increase in added donations with purchase.
Large dedication and many touching comments from our target group.

No other marketing took place during the period, all results therefore correlate to The Blog Battle.

Creatives: Andrea Gezelius & Patrik Sundberg
Copywriter: Avilin Persson
Digital planner: Christina Jorup
Account manager: Anette Andersson