Say it with ice-cream/Säg det med en glass, casefilm made by Mindshare (in swedish).

We made TV commercials on the theme ”Say it with an ice-cream instead”, showing situations where people is taking things a bit to far… Translation: Boy: ”eh very nice eh…actually”. Girl: ”you think?” Boy ”very eh n-nice” Pack-shot: ”Say it with an ice-cream instead” (Ice-cream): ”You + me = true”.

About This Project

The mission was to create the annual launch campaign for GB-glace new sortiment.
We were incuraged to use the global ”Share Happy”-feeling.

The solution; the campaign ”Say it with ice-creme”, where all the new ice-creams came with a unique message. For example, ”Your hot”, ”If you want me, you gotta work for it”, ”Come meet my peers”, ”You had me at hello” etc.

This campaign made it possible to share happy, with both ice-cream and by saying something nice to each other. Fun fact is that 85% remember the right message to the right ice-cream.

Agency: Wiley & Partners

AD: Andrea Gezelius
Copy: Elsa Lindblad
CD: Zeke Tastas
Designer: Marcus Lundqvist
Client Service Director: Leo Dahlin
Media agency: Mindshare