About This Project

The mission was to make people aware of that Lufthansa has wifi on most of their flights.
The solution was to create the world’s first social inflight entertainment system.

A service that let your friends fill your trip with personalized content. Your greetings could be open on the flight only, letting people use the wifi on-board to lock up their greetings.

How it worked:
1. Visit the campaign site and find your flight (all flights, not only Lufthansa worked)
2. Share that your going on a trip on social channels.
3. Your friends post videos, spotify-list, pics, restaurant recommendations, etc, and you receive a notification but…
4. …you cant open it until actually airborne. So well onboard, sit back, relax and use the wifi to unlock your greetings. Have a nicer trip!

Idea: Andrea Gezelius & Elsa Lindblad
Production: River