Pilsner Urquell – Tankovna Fresh Spots

Tankova Fresh Spots - case study

About This Project

At the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival Pilsner Urquell wanted to promote Tankovna and to communicate its unique, fast, fresh delivery we introduced ”Tankovna Fresh Spots”.

At strategic locations around the festival, we gave visitors the true experience of instantly delivered beer. By pushing a button, visitors got served a fresh Tankovna, directly at the spot within 1 minute.

With the Tankovna Fresh Spots we could show how important technology and time is when it comes to quality.

This made Pilsner Urquell present all over the festival and the results were beyond expectations:
– Pilsner Urquell served more than twice as much beer as normally.
– Sold 219% over target.
– Sold +25% more beer than last year in total.
– Beat the all time sales record with +28%

Agency: Mullen LoweBrindfors & Golin
Art Director: Andrea Gezelius
Copywriter: Marcus Bellafesta
Account Director: Matilda Konkell
Planner: Robin Björkell
Final Art: Jörgen Sverin